Amlak Real Estate & Marketing is a Joint Stock Company established in Egypt on the believe that can drive growth in the local & regional real estate market, extending the concept of gated communities, property purchase on freehold as well as innovative marketing and financing initiatives. Our mission is to build a global property-related brand that: Delivers world class customer service, provides sustainable value, attracts and retains the best people, builds upon local tradition and heritage. Our Goal is Service Excellence - to achieve an 90% customer satisfaction rating, 90% of our customers feel satisfied with their lifetime relationship with us, and 60% of our customers are willing to recommend Amlak to others. Amlak management team aims to create exceptional value for clients by providing property services to customers in emerging communities & markets. By establishing strategic partnerships, recruiting and retaining high caliber employees, and maintaining a commitment to quality, the management team intends to deliver sustainable growth and above average returns




  • Down Payment: 10%
  • Delivery Date:
  • Installment: 7 Years
  • Starting area: 131
  • Starting price: 9000 EGP Price / Meter
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